Support yourself, your family and your community

We are in this Together

Survive today, thrive tomorrow: We mankind, have a mechanism which has fought and beaten all kinds of calamities, natural disasters, even severe pandemics and plagues.

Why you should get into the mask Business :

a)Among the most demanded products: Wearing a Face mask is mandatory in most countries right now. Hence its demand has risen a lot.

b)Low cost of inventoryWith Sam Surin you can easily start off with your own business for a couple thousand dollars.

c)One stop solutionProudly reigning as the number one custom Face Mask factory in Thailand, South East Asia. Sam Surin takes pride in the vast selection of fabrics, customization options, state of the art machinery & equipment with highly skilled craftsmen that we have under one roof. 

d)Support community and familyPerhaps we are not accustomed to wearing face/safety masks but reality is we need to understand that it helps. It’s been suggested wearing a mask is a good idea and wearing a mask will be a norm for sometime. 

Bottomline is we need to unite and fight this hysteria together and to get out of this cluster, Mask business is most feasible to support our families and communities.    


                                                                                         If you are interested you can email us and we can send you different options and types of Masks with relevant information.

On an average, we can deliver around 1 million masks a month. If you require larger volumes we can cater any demand.


For Large orders the prices start from 0.70 Cents upto 8 Euros depending on the type, quality and volume of your order.

Prices also vary depending from basic to top-high end / designer made (We manufacture masks which are rated among the best in the world).