“Since I am allergic to many fabrics, and my face gets inflamed, I have been very choosy about face masks. Sam Surin face masks are very good, they fit very well and I love the fabric. My first order wasn’t a big one. I want to order many more this time.”

Gabriel Navarez – Lafayette, LA

“The mask is comfortable and is of premium quality it is much better than what you get in medical stores. It fits very well and has a snug fit and leaves room for breathing….I like the anti- bacterial feature in them too.”

Derrick, NJ

“I truly appreciate the fast delivery. I have been pretty impressed with this company, and product. Would order more for my daughter. Thanks!”

Michael Carr, Miami, FL

“I’d been on an endless quest to find a mask that fits me well. It was very difficult to concentrate on my work at my bank with bad masks. I liked my first order. It fits well.”

Bob Acevedo – Utah

“And this time of not knowing what to expect it’s really nice to have found a vendor who is dependable, quick and gives you a great product at a good price.”

Matthew Weiss – Raleigh, NC

“Came across some very positive reviews of your masks. Thought of trying them. The packet just arrived an hour back, they are nice and fit well. The material used is of good quality. I was particularly concerned about the elastic because if that is not good the whole idea of comfort gets lost.”

Lousi Wouters – Machlen (Belgium)

“I like the masks which are different from the market. Easy transaction, fast shipping and really pleased with the product!”

Florian Kraus (Germany)

“I am an ardent fan of you guys for a few years now. Have bought a lot of clothes from you in the past. I like your masks they are comfortable, sturdy and arrived pretty quickly. They cover most of face, which is key.”

Steven Allentown, PA

“My wife and I ordered from Sam Surin twice since the Covid pandemic started. Their masks are different. They are more comfortable and breathable than all others. I like their anti-bacterial fabric for the masks which makes perfect sense for the purpose we wear them. I wear them to work and it doesn’t look like I have a diaper on my face. I strongly recommend them ”


“Have purchased many shirts earlier. I am big fan of their shirts. Tried a bunch of these Sam Surin masks. Ordering and checkout went smoothly, delivered on time without any difficulties, I just love the material. I would recommend these folks ”

Darryl , Atlanta,GA

“The masks serve their purpose, not uncomfortable to wear, like the designs and arrived with fast shipping. Thanks! ”

Peter Köhler, Nuess, Germany

“These masks hold up very well. Had tried another vendor earlier & it was a waste of money. Will order more from them. ”

Fred Lautner – Berkeley, CA

“I bought these masks and absolutely love them. So much better quality than any of the ones I could find in stores near me. They’re super comfortable and durable.”

Bruce Sharma – Ajax, ON

“We ordered our masks. Delivered so absurdly fast, and quality is much better with other medical masks I’ve used. Shout out to Sam Surin for keeping me Covid-free”

Tom Hemsworth – Denver, CO

“I’ve ordered these thrice, and each time, they arrived pretty quickly. They are securely packaged, and are well made, comfortable and anti-bacterial. Recommend for when you want something with a bit more coverage than a fabric mask. ”

Peter Madsen, Buffalo, NY

“My son and I have been long time customers of Sam Surin . We have always liked their customer service, especially Chris who helped me with my order. Another key is that the masks are of a high quality.”

Erik – Malmo, Sweden

“I like the designs, style and pattern but what matters most is the comfort in spite of being snug which is good I can wear the mask for long hours. Good Luck! Would order more. ”

Alex Bohm – Houston,TX

“To me most importantly what matters in a mask is whether it is comfortable and whether it is breathing easy. If it is stylish, then nothing like it. I like the product a lot. It’s different. ”

Mark Harrison, Melbourne ( Australia )

“Masks do the job – well packed, fast shipping.”

Pamela Erikson, New Port Beach, CA

“Hi, I am Amy, my dad has been buying clothes from you for years. I remember those colourful brochures arriving every season to our house delivered by mail, never got a chance to order anything from you except now. I guess you don’t make much for girls. I liked the design prints, the fabric feel and the overall fit of the masks. Would certainly recommend my friends.”

Amy Jason – Irving,TX

“The coronavirus has shaken up society to its core. A new normal is being defined. We believe it’s all about adopting a designer’s mind set when it comes to dealing with this altered reality. I ordered these Face masks from the design house Sam Surin. It was a
first-hand experience and I amazed by the product considering the price and the service provided”

Steve Jefferson- New York, NY

“Your service and support has been exceptional. I am not disappointed at all with the masks. Thank you for the quick delivery. Was wondering if you make masks for children as young as five?”

Betty Williams – Las Vegas, NV

“Your company has exceeded my expectations. As I mostly knew you as the suit people. I met your team at San Diego in March this year. Little did I know that you could suddenly start manufacturing masks at this magnitude. Trust me I loved them. The Muslin cotton masks that I received were very comfortable. I am planning to order a couple of Sports Jackets online. TC.”

Don Truman- La Jolla,CA

“I was initially sceptical in ordering the masks, my colleague is an old customer of yours. The masks arrived yesterday. They look nice and fit perfectly too. I have no issues with the feel of the material. Thanks!”

Francis Lopalla – Dallas, TX

“Just received my mom’s call. She just loved your stuff. She said that the cloth of the mask is very soft and comfortable. Thank you so much!!!!”

Steve Kallis – Boston, MA

“I wanted to thank you Sam Surin for the superb face masks that you sent. My issue is my skin allergy especially if the material is too snug on my facial skin. Almost all the face masks I tried on were giving an allergy. My life outdoors was very difficult. Most of the outside chores were done by my husband. I don’t see any of those problems with these masks that you people sent. Thanks again.”

Emma Bosco – Sydney (Australia)

“You all deserve an applaud for the delivery time that you took, quality I knew would never be an issue, I have been meeting your team members almost for
the last thirteen years. What’s surprising is your delivery time. Woops! That too in this pandemic. Kudos! ”

Sean Haynes, West Virgina

“I was wondering if the material and the colours Sam Surin have been using are ORGANIC, the reason is that I was having a tough time choosing the correct
material for my masks. It is not that I am a very choosy person but it’s largely because I am very allergic to fabric colour and I am fed up of those plain white masks. I tried your masks without any issue. It has been over a week now and
all seems OK. Isn’t that just cool. Thanks a lot.”

Samantha Jones. Chicago, IL

“Wanted to let you know that the masks arrived yesterday, my whole family likes them a lot. I live in New York and I have to be extra careful of moving out these days because of my chronic Asthma. Choosing a good mask has been a priority
for me, I really don’t care much about the print but what matters most is the comfort and the fitting. Its top notch on both the aspects.”

Charles McDonals. NY

“Hello Sam Surin team. Thank you for the quick delivery of the face masks. We all liked them. Would order more.”

Jason Marks – Southern CA

“Hi, I am Chelsea, my younger brother found Sam Surin online. And after looking at so many positive reviews he decided to order masks for me. I really like them. I do not like the overall feel of the masks from the medical store. Thank you. If anyone asks about them I will certainly refer them to your website.”

Fabian Genion. BELGIUM

“I don’t think I could ever wear masks, the thought of wearing something over my face put me off earlier but here we are, up for it. I am glad your masks did not disappoint me. The product was exactly as stated by you on the website. Good Luck. ”

Ken Clarke – San Jose,CA

“Loved your Clothes. Now love your Masks. ”

Sean Barnett – Bethlehem, PA

“Ordered the masks, they arrived pretty quickly. They are nice and fit well. I have lost a tonne of weight, want to order some shirts too. I was wondering what should I be doing about the new measurements”

Mike Getting – Park City, UT

“Very well designed mask it may be a very basic product but constructing it correctly could be a challenge especially when it is do with various facial sizes. We all loved them. Thanks”

Lucas Baumann, Germany

“I think that the Sam Surin masks are safe and comfortable. Would recommend everyone to try them. ”

Fabian – Texas

“I loved your clothes, loved your shoes and now love your masks. I think the next step from here should be that we can order masks where we can aim self-expression through not only the clothes but even the masks. This is going to be the new normal. Ha ha, anyways keep going Sam. ”

Adam Fousek, NE

“Value for money, considering the brand and the quality, would certainly suggest my mates here downunder”

Shawn Wessels – (Melbourne, Australia)

“The cloth material used, the elastic the design and of course the overall fit of the face mask are always the biggest concerns. I think Sam Surin has taken these into consideration. Good Luck ! ”

Ray Neenan – La Grange, IL

“Undoubtedly it’s a nice product. I think these masks besides looking nice and sharp are very comfortable. What cloth is used? Is it Egyptian cotton? It’s very soothing to my skin. ”

SAsbjørn Boger – Oslo, Norway

“I had ordered the Sam Surin face masks for my girlfriend last month, she really likes them. I think I would order some of them for myself too.”

Tobias Wolfgang. (Stuttgart, Germany)

” Hi Sam, you guys have lived up to our expectations yet again. Besides being comfortable I love the prints. Planning to order so more masks”

Don Wankel. Addison, TX

“Fluid repellent. Seriously! Now after seeing the stuff myself I am surprised. The overall quality of the masks is just fantastic. Highly recommended product. Best wishes Sam & Team.”

Peter Reeves – New Orleans,LA

” So now the masks are newest product of Arsenal Sam.Tell me what all more can you do? I had suggested both my son and daughter to try ordering the masks from you. They said that they are awesome!”

David Griminger – Durham, NC

“Had visited the Sam Surin Factory at Bangkok 2 years back when I was on a vacation to Thailand. Everything there seemed so systematic. I am happy to see
them produce masks of such good quality.”

Jason Kettley – Fort Worth, TX

“In Germany here, we have many outlets for nice quality masks. But I think Sam Surin deals are better in terms of quality and delivery. ”

Thomas Wagner – Hannover, Germany

“I loved the masks a lot. Now I just ordered for the third time in six weeks. This time it is for my niece in Denver. I think it would be a nice gift considering the quality of the masks.”

Henry Wage, Colarado Springs, CO

“I ordered the Sam Surin Masks after a recommendation from a friend but when the package arrived and I tried it on, I was skeptical to say the least. The air-flow and the fit was so much better that the other masks that I have tried in the past. Good purchase. ”

Samuel Gibson – Denver, CO

“I can say by the fit, cut and the feel of these masks that these easily qualify to be called fashion masks with protection. I like the fabric feel. ”

Wendy Wong – Huntington Beach, CA

“Listen up everybody. These guys have done it well again. Their masks are not only of superior quality but they reached me in express time too. ”

John Hardy – Seattle, WA

“I received the masks exactly as I had ordered. I am very satisfied with product overall. I had a discussion with the customer service team, everyone was very cordial. Considering my age I did not want any hassle. ”

Martha Gonzalez – GA

“I have purchased masks for my daughter and myself. They arrived very quickly. The material that I see on the non- medical masks around my location is not up to the mark so did my research and planned to order masks from Sam Surin. Both my daughter and I like
the masks. ”

Jenny – Sprongfield,IL

“Value for money product. These masks came out better than I expected. You can order in quantity too. The delivery time will surprise you.”

Robert Kendal – Mississauga, ON

“The mask fits my face perfectly. It’s very soothing to put it on my face. Thank God it’s not itchy and I am comfortable. ”

Julie Pringle – Brisbane, Australia

“It’s kinda funny when I match my face mask with my dress, did not know that this accessory would be a part of our attire. I ordered from Sam Surin some masks and I liked the product overall. Need to order more later on”

Sherry O’Brien – Cincinnati, OH

“I never took the face masks too seriously, only now when I see that everyone has made it a part of their dress accessory I too planned to order some nice masks. I did my bit of research until I came across the Sam Surin website. They are largely a Made to Fit tailoring unit. My parcel reached yesterday, I liked my stuff. ”

Sam Newton – Tampa,FL

“Great Going Sam, have been a fan of your clothes for so many years. Nice to see you expand into masks. Well this the need of the hour any everyone is taking it seriously. Will order soon.”

Samuel Parrera – Kitchner,ON

“I ordered the masks from Sam Surin. The deal was nice. They make good suits and now masks too. Need some pants urgently, will order. ”

Philippe Aerts- Belgium

“Had met Chris & Andy in early March this year, little did we know that the pandemic would take this course. Your suits have been always awesome. Just ordered a bunch of masks from you guys. Hope they are as good as your clothes. ”

Bradley Singer – SLC, UTAH

“The masks just arrived. Opened the parcel, they are awesome, my wife Katie too liked them a lot. Thanks.”

JEFF – Wooster, OH

“The cloth on the mask is very different, the overall construction and the design too looks very neat. Have no comfort issue I am happy with the masks.”

Daan Jong – Netherlands

“I liked the anti-microbial feature of the Sam Surin masks because after using the mask for some time bacteria is bound to stick out more near the mouth. ”

Judy Moore – Boston,MA

“Sam Surin you never cease to surprise me from being the suit people to constructing bullet proof suits and now these special face masks, they are of top quality.”

Stephan Fischer ( Germany )

“I like the fact that these masks are washable and reusable. I constantly wear them outside and a lot of people ask me about it. ”

Mellissa – Surrey, BC

“The approaching winter would be tough time wearing masks, thankfully these masks are breathable especially when I am asthmatic. They fit very well too. ”

Donald Carver ( NJ )

“The package deal is very attractive considering the overall quality of the masks. Suggested some of my friends at Golf too. ”

Charlie.( Boston, MA)

“I tried the blow candle experiment wearing one of these masks and they all did well. These masks are protective and cover my face well. ”

Katie Damon. ( WV )

“I had ordered the Sam Surin masks for my parents in Washington DC. They liked them a lot. ”

William Sheffield, Omaha, NB

“Attractive prints, nice material and good quality elastic is all that you can ask from a mask of course the overall protection is a must. The anti- microbial feature of the cloth is something not very common. ”

Dana Lofland – Baton Rouge, LA

“There is no point in buying a super expensive ‘Branded’ mask when we can get a wonderful deal at Sam Surin. I like the masks and surely the price. ”

Luke Abram – Fresno,CA

“Nano Technology, water resistant and anti-microbial along with the made to fit service, I think that these are one of my best buys online. I would like to try your made to measure clothing soon. ”

Oliver Harris – Melbourne ( Australia )

“These masks cover my face properly, I had sent my size while placing the order. I am glad they have reached on time. Though they are snug but that is exactly what a mask should be. I am relatively comfortable.”

Miles Simkins – London, ON

“The cloth material used in these masks is very soft, I think it is muslin or some these fine cottons. I breathe well. Can you people construct some shirts for me in the same material? Is it actually possible?”

Jacob Ryan, (Las Vegas, NV)

“My teenage daughter was very fussy wearing face masks while visiting her friends. She seems to be Ok with these SS masks. I am glad. ”

Rene Bailey – Oshwa, ON

“Custom made masks, wow! I am happy with the deal package. Waiting for my package to arrive sometime soon. ”

Noah Agner, Denmark

“I am happy for the proper response of the Sam Surin team, they tracked my order well and updated me as my parcel got delayed by 3 days. It’s Ok considering the present situation. ”

Mark Taylor ( Cary, NC )

“I want to thank Andy who helped me while placing the order. The masks have arrived today, they seem to look nice. Thank You! ”

Par Nilsson – Sweden

“I really like the monogram on my masks. They are very neatly done and are catchy indeed. The overall fitting is very good. Should order more soon. ”

David Penn, Oakbrook, IL

“I gave the gift order for the masks. The parcel had arrived yesterday evening. My grandfather at Harrisburg updated me on the same. Good to see he is happy. ”

Leo Buchansky – Philadelphia

“I think that the pattern design of the Sam Surin mask is sleek. I like the feel of the cotton material. I am considering of ordering again. ”

David Wong – USA

“My little twin girls seem to have liked the Sam Surin masks. They are wearing them for long hours which is good news for us. I am sure it’s due to the comfort level these masks are offering. ”

Bill Petersen – San Diego ,CA

“These made to fit masks make absolute sense. Just love the pattern designs and the prints.”

Sandy Reeves – Spring, TX

“I read that you are providing a customized company logo on the masks. That’s cool, Let me discuss with my management and get back to you guys. It could be a Bulk order on a wholesale price point. ”

Greg Wellington – St. Louis, MI

“I received my made to fit masks yesterday. My wife Jody and I are very happy with the quality. We have gone through the instructions, we will discuss with our friends too about the product.”

Kevin Morrisl – Phoenix,AZ

“I have ordered the masks once. And they are good. I am a little curious about the B2B model that you have offered on your website .Can someone from your office please call me? ”

Rob Carter – Santa Fe, NM

“Ok, I had ordered the masks on the recommendation of my neighbor, He told me that they were very comfortable. The delivery time was decent. Besides looking attractive they are very comfortable around the ears which was my major concern possibly due to the quality of the elastic.”

Mathias Schmidt – Munich (Germany)

“This is my second order of the masks from Sam Surin. I love the masks.”

Danny McClintock – Arlington (USA)

“I have a small head with a square shaped jaw line. Most of the masks in the market did not fit me too well. I think the customized masks by was a right idea. ”

Ryan Reyonlds – AZ

“My Little daughter loves the prints on her masks. She wears them all the time, she is even asking us for a mask for her Barbie doll. ”

Clare Morris, Minneapolis,MN

“These are the nicest facemasks that we have found since the start of the pandemic. they fit nicely and we have no problem whatsoever. Thank you. ”

Cindy Faith – Utah

“If your face and head is larger than common, it is almost impossible to wear these one-time use masks available in the market, one can have trouble getting it to stretch comfortably over the ears and the chin. Thankfully I did not face any of these problems with my new customized Sam Surin masks. I would certainly recommend others too. ”

Tim Andrews, Sussex, Australia

“Wanted to update you that my mask order has arrived today in the morning. I have tried them on and they are really cool! Thank you team Sam Surin. ”

Todd Heideman – Boise,ID

“Hope not to wear these masks forever. But till whenever we have to wear them we will stick on to these Sam Surin masks. They are really comfortable. My 82 year old mother too wears your product.”

George Anderson – Cleveland, OH

“I have been wearing the masks for over 2 months now. Many people inquired about them. I had read about the bulk order business opportunity from your website. Would like to call and discuss about it.”

Michael Adler – AZ

“What makes these Sam Surin masks different is the Nanotech cotton outer layer and the muslin cotton inner layer. I think that this is the key to the comfort. Good Going”

Matthew Amell – San Juan Capistrano,CA

“One Size fits all. I totally fail to understand that how could work on a face mask especially when it’s more to with protection than anything else. The customize face masks made by Surin make sense since everyone has a different face size. ”

Van Dijk Jansen – Netherlands

“I always had a problem with the strange odor coming from these one-time use surgical masks. Thankfully I don’t have such problems now.”

Elias Müller – Germany

“The comfort of the material is awesome. The technology claimed too looks promising. I don’t regret ordering these masks. ”

Eddie Stiller – CA

“The packet has arrived. The masks reached in quick time especially when they are customized. I tried one of them and it was fitting nicely. I wore it for over 2 hours and it was still comfortably sitting on my face.”

Maxime Maes – Belgium

“I was a little skeptical on how these masks may come out to be as I had a very bad experience with another Vendor. Thankfully your masks have come up really well. ”

Randy Hurst , Haverhill,MA

“Though I do have other face masks which don’t annoy me much but I think that the Sam Surin face masks are much better especially when it comes to what all they offering in this price range. ”

Emmanuel Pérez – San Antonio, TX

“Fits nicely on me and my wife. I am glad we bought these.”

Mark Wilson – Philadelphia,PN

“Getting masks in the town is no more a problem these days as so many companies have come up. The challenge however is the fitting. I have been ordering masks from Sam because they fit very well. ”

Steve Jackson – Pasadena,CA

“Sam Surin has the water resistant masks, I remember seeing the water and stain resistant shirts samples in your last October visit. ”

Stanley Jacob – Lugarno (Australia)

“I wear the masks for at least 6-8 hours every day at work and I find these Sam Surin masks much comfortable than the common masks in the medical store. We can breathe much easily in them. ”

Samuel Reed – Portland, USA

“These Sam Surin masks are not only soft they have just a little stretch to take the adequate shape. It took me some time to find the correct mask producing brand for me. ”

Ron Stuart – Portland, OR

“This product is highly recommendable. Personally speaking I found them really good, I had read the positive reviews about this company. I understand that everyone has their own experiences. Well I am very positive about their product.”

Llyod Dunn – Canberra (Australia)

“I am not a bit disappointed with the face mask order that I gave for my entire family. It was customized very well. We can wear them tomorrow at the house warming party tomorrow ”

Alfred Andreu – Santa Monica